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Formazione, istruzione ed esperienze professionali
Training & Education
  • The Resilient Heart™: Trauma-Sensitive HeartMath Certification (Boulder Creek - California, US)

  • Morales Method® Certified Instructor (San Francisco, California, US)

  • Mindfulness Life Coach Certification at Transformation Academy (Florida, US)

  • Therapeutic Art Life Coach Certification at Transformation Academy (Florida, US)

  • SourcePoint Therapy®, Level I & II, Leipzig (Germany)

  • Rolf Movement® Practitioner Certification at European Rolfing Association, Munich (Germany)

  • Rolfing® Structural Integration Practitioner Certificate at European Rolfing Association, Munich (Germany)

  • Public Speaking & NLP™ Trainer Certification at The Society of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Orlando (Florida, US)

  • Diplôme en Counselling & Coaching et Diplôme de Spécialisation en Psychothérapie Analytique at Universitée Européenne “Jean Monnet”, Bruxelles (Belgium)

  • Advanced Certification in Cranio-Sacral Therapy & Somato-Emotional Release at Upledger Institute, now "Accademia Cranio-Sacrale", Trieste (Italy)

  • Music Composition studies & Degree in Piano at Conservatoires of Music “G. Rossini” (Pesaro), “A. Boito” (Parma), F. Morlacchi”( Perugia), Italy

  • School Teacher Certificate at Teachers’ Training State School “M. Valgimigli”, Rimini (Italy)

  • Master of Art School Certificate at State Art School, Urbino (Italy)

  • Mime & Theatre with Brigitte Morel & Kuniaki Ida (from Jacques Lecoque International Theatre School)

  • Burlesque with the Arabesque Burlesque Academy of Montreal

  • Butoh Dance with Laura Cadelo

  • Floor Barre & Beamish Bodymind Balancing technique with M° Philip B. Beamish

  • Indian Dance with Savitri Nair

  • Vocal Experimentation with Germana Giannini and Michico Hirayama 

  • Aikido with M° Guglielmo ‘Mimmo’ Masetti 

  • Yoga, T'ai Chi Ch'uan, Meditation with various masters, teacher and instructors 

  • Contemporary Dance with Luisa Casiraghi

  • Theatre & Dance with Marco Baldazzi

Main professional experiences as a Teacher, Coach & Trainer
  • Currently:  movement coach & top trainer at MOVE IN MIND™ - Movement & Integration

  • Instructor of Morales Method® Move In Mind™ Certification Program addressed to personal trainers, movement instructors, coaches, athletes, professionals in the fields of bodywork, physical education, performing arts (acting, dancing, singing, circus, etc.). 

  • 2017 - 18: Rolfing Structural Integration practitioner, movement coach  & trainer at Adaptive Bodywork, instructor of "Move in Mind - Intrinsic Sensory Integration"

  • 2012 - 13: Teacher of the Courses "Move In Mind Sensory-Motor Imagery training, communication in (re-) education to perception and movement: Rolfing ® S.I. addressed particularly to clients with an acquired nervous system injury", training courses addressed to Rolfers who want to deepen the worth of language integrating in their practice motor imagery training (Vetan, Italy - Boulder, CO, USA).

  • 2012: Teacher of the Course "Move-in Mind" - Sensory-Motor Imagery training: how to use words to create mental imagery activating sensory-motor networks" addressed to personal trainers, coaches, teachers of dance, theatre, music, physical education and athletics.

  • 2010 - 2012: Beamish Bodymind Balancing Trainer of Trainers

  • 2010: Movement coach and trainer for "Arti di Eris" Theatrical Company directed by Paola Corti

  • 2009 - nowadays, teacher of the Training Course “The Listening Touch - Touching with words and dialoguing with contact: the power of sensory-motor imagery, touch and communication” addressed to health practitioners, therapists, personal trainers, coaches, teachers of dance, theatre, physical education and athleticism

  • 2008 - nowadays, teacher of Courses on Health & Communication, about the impact of mental imagery & touch techniques, the benefits of quality physical contact, the importance of verbal and non-verbal communication in therapeutic relationships

  • 2007, teacher of the Training Course “Con-tatto (Con-tact): the listening touch in support relationships” for Infant and Maternity Department of the Beauregard Hospital, a course designed for obstetricians, nurses and child welfare officers in the Departments of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Neonatal Pathologies and in the Nursery, and for obstetricians working within the area for the Aosta Local Health Authority (Italy)

  • 2006, teacher of the Course “Intercultural Communication for nurses from countries outside the EU” working within the Hospital district of Asti (Italy)

  • 2005 - nowadays, Body-Mind Integration Techniques practitioner & Beamish Bodymind Balancing® Instructor for personal trainers, sports & dance teachers and coaches (Europe, Canada)

  • 2005 - 07, teacher of Stress Management Courses for the control and self-control of stress in Hospital life & Touch and Massage techniques Courses instructor (listening touch & craniosacral therapy), recognized by ECM (Continual Education in Medicine) and promoted by ‘Keiron - body, mind, emotions, environment’ center.

  • 1998 - 1999, Professional follow up course teacher for nurses and ward sisters on the subject: “Single and group wellbeing – body-mind techniques to improve the relationship among sanitary operators towards the patients”, Oncology and Surgery Departments in the Hospital of Aosta (Italy)

  • 1992 - nowadays, breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques trainer; dance, movement and body-mind techniques instructor; teacher of courses on breathing & imagery in stress & pain management; body-mind & movement education techniques practitioner, in various Dance Academies & Schools and Health Care, Well-Being & Sports Centres (Europe)

  • 1990 - 99, school teachers' trainer of courses about body-mind interconnection techniques, creativity, movement education, verbal and non-verbal communication, emotional & stress management, personal wellbeing, social skills - Emilia-Romagna School District (Italy)

​Main professional experiences as a Performer & Movement Coach (Theatre - Cinema - TV)
  • Since 1998 to nowadays: Entertainer & Performer (dance, theatre, mime, story telling, animation) in private and corporate events

  • 2018: Performer (dancer, actress) in the show "Le Jardin Suspendu" directed by Hélèna Courteau, Toulèsarts Productions, St. Eustache

  • 2012 - 2015: Performer (singer, dancer) and Movement Coach with the Vocal Ensemble "Extravaganza" directed by Norman Robert Boie (Montreal)

  • 2014: Performer (singer, dancer) and Movement Coach in the show "Portraits" directed by Alessandro Mercurio, with the Vocal Ensemble Extravaganza directed by Norman Robert Boie (Montreal, Cinéma Impériale)

  • 2013: Performer (singer) and Movement Coach in the show "Homogénies" directed by Paul Belair, with the Vocal Ensemble Extravaganza directed by Norman Robert Boie (Montreal, Theatre St. Denis)

  • 2013: Dance performer in the solo "A Long Walk Home" (music by Peter Gabriel), Montreal (QC, Canada)

  • 2010 tour: Performer (dance, mime) with Paola Corti (actress) in “Mater Valle”- wood & fire, water, wind, earth in different locations and theatres of Aosta Valley (Italy) and performer (dance, mime) in "Entre Glace et Neige – Far East Tales" with Paola Corti (storytelling), Aosta (Italy), with ‘Arti di Eris’ Theatrical Company directed by Paola Corti

  • 2010: Performer (dance, mime) in the videos “Dance with the Sword” made under the auspices of the Regional Department of Education and Culture, Superintendence for Cultural Property and Activities, Aosta Valley (Italy), and “Trasformarsi per guarire – una danza oltre la vita”, book-trailer of the homonymous book published by Roger Sarteur (2009 - Aosta, Italy).

  • 2010: Movement coach and trainer for "Arti di Eris" Theatrical Company directed by Paola Corti

  • 2009: Performer (dancer, mime, actress)" with Paola Corti (writer, actress) in the season "Chateaux en Musique", Aosta Valley (Italy) with ‘Arti di Eris’ Theatrical Company directed by Paola Corti

  • 2007: Performer in "Long Walk Home" - Studio per Solo (music by Peter Gabriel), integrating choreography and improvisation into the dance, performed in Rome and Aosta (Italy)

  • 1997 - 98 tour: Movement Coach and trainer of the Company, actress and dancer in "Sogno d'Estate" (from "A midsummer Night's Dream") and "Tempesta" (from "The Tempest" in the role of Ariel) both taken from Shakespeare’s masterpieces and both directed by Gianluca Reggiani, 'Animaludi' Theatrical Company (Italy)

  • 1996: Co-creator & Performer (actress, dancer) in the shows "Il Baule dei Suoni" & "Colori" with Alessia Canducci, Compagnia del Serraglio (Italy).

  • 1995: Astrologist and Tarot reader for the "stars" of show business in the TV Show "Roxy Bar" directed by Red Ronnie, Videomusic 

  • 1994: Actress in the role of the Pianist in the movie "Troppo Sole" directed by Giuseppe Bertolucci, La Banda Magnetice Production (Italy)

  • 1991 - 92 tour, Movement Coach & Performer (actress, singer and joint composer of the background music) in "Con fervido zelo" by and with Sabina Guzzanti (1992 Aristofane Award), AGD Productions (Italy)

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